Degree Exhibition, British Higher School of Art and Design | Выставка Британской Высшей Школы Дизайна, Москва

RIBA stages 0-7
Year 2014
Project area 1000 sq m
Project budget £17K

The British Higher School of Art and Design degree show is the highlight of the academic year and a showcase for some of the best design talent in Russia. Utilizing standard material sizes and simple construction techniques the exhibition is formed by a series of freestanding softwood frames lined by looped lengths of paper.

The layout prioritizes the creation of a clear sequence of well-proportioned spaces within the industrial exhibition hall, each having a unique character and clear identity. In addition to these gallery spaces the show also included a fashion boutique, cinema, reception and shop. The project extended to include strategic curation and exhibition graphics, the design and fabrication of bespoke elements of furniture and external wayfinding. All construction materials from the exhibition will be reused by students over the forthcoming years.

Wayfinding element

Reception and information point

Information and freestanding elements integrated into the exhibition landscape

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