House typology | Конкурс на типологию жилого дома

Competition, 2016

The key principle in our proposals is to evoke the warmth and security that is so often found in the Arts and Craft houses that act as archetype for much of the existing UK housing stock. In these houses the idea of home and comfort is shaped by rooms and spaces that invite activities, and help foster a sense of ownership. The arrangement is often ambiguous in character yet generous in spirit so that different methods of occupation can be sustained.

Ground and first floor plan

The two storey houses are roughly square in plan with rooms arranged around a large central hall, which can be double height depending upon the house type. Smaller, more intimates spaces let onto this and create views across and between activities; the central space also enjoys an expansive bay window to the garden and views beyond. Such an arrangement, with a generous and irregular shaped room at the heart of the plan, is non prescriptive in occupation and can adapt and change over time. The location of the windows hint at the spatial complexity within.

The focus of the central 'hall' and the house, is an introspective or cozy inglenook fireplace with bench seating and intimately scaled windows. This is a romantic typology that is rarely found in contemporary housing design and yet is instantly recognisable and familiar: a place for a good book or a warm conversation. The large timber framed windows and french doors that form the bay window underline the multidirectional character of the house. Furthermore a large high level window bathes the hall with changing qualities of natural light throughout the day to create an atmospheric and distinctive home.

View accross the central hall to the fireplace

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